- “Barbie? Is that your real name?!”
Well, yes, Im Barbie.
 not blond, neither plastic.
I grew up in the middle of nowhere, at the end of the world... 
A little kiddo sourrounded by wildberries and dancing with ponchos through the cold deserts.

Since kid, I remember Id always sing to the horizon. No one else. Over and over.
One day, Horizon was no longer there.
And for my surprise, I could not stop singing. 
So I moved from Patagonia, to Buenos Aires, to chase the dreams I’ve never dreamed of.

In BA I studied contemporary music in the conservatory,
but I found out that the best way of learning, was by playing!
(ok, learning some Stravinski scores was also helpful).
So, I would just say -YES -to any appealing challenge.
Thats how I moved from Jazz to electronic music.

I sang in a electrotango band called Tangorra, built up pop band Pyura, did songwriting for pop band SIAMES.
I was always keeping my jazz momentums as well as recording with different producers, doing voice imitation works, singing and performing live sets with Djs and with Drag Queens in the most famous clubs of Buenos Aires.


For those reasons in life, I ended up in Berlin.

For me, Berlin´s music scene goes, as Nietzsche said; beyond the good and evil. It hooked me com-plet-ly.

Met Berghain artist, Tobias, who together with his wife had an Audiovisual project called Recent Arts. We released an album and we started touring around Europe.
Meanwhile I started singing with artists like Feathered sun in Kater Blau, also at STAUB doing my own dj sets.
Always loyal to the vintage flavour, I ended up playing at the most famous jazz venues of Berlin: like Bflat, Edelweiss, The hat bar. 

So now, where will you find me?

At my studio producing new original songs for my solo projectPreparing a live DJ set where I will also play this songs.
Playing boleros, and latin music around Europe and Asia.

Well, I really tried to keep it short, but I love stories.

Im a storyteller.